Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions
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Welcome MatWelcome to the Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Conditions training course.

This course is designed to give a basic introduction to co-occurring mental health and substance use conditions. The Agency of Human Services (AHS) is committed to creating the co-occurring capable system of care outlined in the AHS Co-occurring Policy Statement. Through a collaborative effort of several departments, this curriculum is being offered as one building block in the development of that system.

In addition to representation from the Department of Health - Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division, the Department of Mental Health and the Vermont Integrated Services Initiative, several other departments have shared in the work of exploring the need for co-occurring capabilities and training opportunities for AHS staff and partners. These include the Department for Children and Families and Department of Health with staff from several divisions. These members worked closely with the AHS Trauma Coordinator and Professional Development Administrator. Care has been taken in the development of the AHS Co-occurring Policy Statement and this Co-occurring Curriculum to acknowledge the link between co-occurring mental health and substance use conditions and their influence on and interaction with other AHS initiatives such as trauma, domestic violence and tobacco cessation. Other initiatives to define competencies for specific age-groups-including early childhood and transition-aged youth-have also been considered in this work.

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